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Northolt Residents Association

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Please sign the guest book or e-mail us to go on the mailing list. Any news or events and we will e-mail you....


Northolt Residents Association has been apart of the Estate at Northolt since it was built in 1971.
 We only contact by e-mail and not newsletters to help with the costs. If you do not have access please give us your mobile number and we will text you.
The committee are in contact with the residents and a2 and help with queries regarding Maintenance, Service Charges, and the general running of the estate.
The annual BBQ, is when we do a big raffle, this is to raise money for cards for residents who are in hospital or very ill, flowers for funerals etc.
The committee are all volunteers from the residents on the estate, if you would like to become a member of the committee please tell us. 
Otherwise come along to our AGM (annual meeting for everyone) which is held once a year at St Hugh's Church at 7.30pm ~ 
The next one is in June.

Deb Alldis
 ANRA (a2 northolt residents association)

ANRA      a2 Northolt Residents Association