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Northolt Residents Association

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We have complained many times, usually because people are thoughtless and leave rubbish around making the estate untidy, and leaving the garages in a chronic condition.
Just have a look at these pictures, if you see people dumping rubbish, or doing things you know are wrong, please e-mail us and tell us or contact a2.
If you would prefer to not leave your e-mail address you can use the form below, you will not get a reply.
ALL your information will be passed to the correct department.
Thanks for your time, with your help we can live in a nicer area.

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Click here.... for Pictures of complaints made by residents

Pictures of Northolt Estate
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Can you please e-mail everyone about parking on the road, and not on the grass areas, when the pipes crack because people drive their heavy cars over them we all have to pay for the repairs.

i have seen 3 times children when the e10 comes they open the back of the bus, even jump on the bus, in particular a mixed race boy is the one, there are other boys as well.

Loads of complaints, but I love living here, I love Northolt and feel safe in this estate.
No name given

I would like double yellow lines on the bend in Leander Road, you just can not get past, what happens if there is a fire, and the trucks can't get in to put out the fire.
We talked to A2 about parking, we can have a private parking company to clamp and charge cars without permits...we could only ever have 1 permit each,,,MOST residents do not want to go down this route and hope neighbours will park thoughtfully. Remembering fire trucks, rubbish collecting and recycling lorries often can not collect from the top end of Leander Road, because of chronic parking.

March 2008
I hate "RATS"; they are coming in my garden at night........ Can you stop people throwing their food out encouraging the rats to come onto out estate?
Don't they realise how harmful rats and mice are?
The committee have written in newsletters and explained that RATS ARE A SERIOUS RISK TO PUBLIC HEALTH. We are feeding the carrier of the BLACK DEATH, weil's disease, salmonella, Tuberculosis Cryptosporidiosis, E Coli and Foot and Mouth. (visit the links page for rat info)
Enjoy the you tube clip from America below.....Deb


Rats in KFC

Mice & Rats ...... click to download file

FEB 2008
I love living here, but the noise of the gates at night is becoming unbearable.......I just wish people would be a little more considerate. I just want a quiet life.
The committee have written in the newsletter and asked people to be considerate. Have you tried speaking to them so they understand the problems you have living above the garages, invite them in so they can hear the row the gates make, I have heard it, I know how bad it is. Helen Masters may have some ideas.

Having a real problem with neighbours above, banging doors and shouting, talking loud and keeping neighbours awake till the early hours.....
PLEASE remember others. Thanks

The new garage gates are great...but our neighbours who live above the garages are having a real problem with noise from the gates being hit with balls, or general banging when people put the cars in.....PLEASE be considerate and as quiet as possible.Thanks

I can't believe people who throw out bread, curry rice...piles of food are being dumped the foxes and rats eat from the pile, then the cats and dogs.
Our pets are at risk as are our children of poisoning and disease. People need to be stopped, I'm phoning the council to see if anything can be done.
Rats are taking over Britain and it is our fault! Please do what you can, speak to the people concerned....Try the "RAT QUIZ" on the site below. Deb

BBC Newsround info & rat quiz

If your car blocks the road on Rubbish day can you contact the council after you leave to get the rubbish removed.
On 3 separate occasions the lorry could not get through and so the rubbish is left.
On a more frightening thought a fire truck could not get in either........

See Ealing refuse dept on links page
or phone Ealing Customer Services on (020) 8825 6000. 

If you have other items that will not be collected by the dustmen see the link page for info.

I too am fed up with the leak in V garage. Have wasted much
time and money phoning and e-mailing!!!! I am also unclear about repairs to damage caused to leaseholders property by a2 tenants as we do not seem to be reimbursed for the damage. What is the considered policy
regards this?? Should this matter be considered at the AGM?

Name: M Clayburn - 25 Leander Road



I have noticed there is a lot of litter around the estate, do you know if a2 Housing have employed new contractors?


The place is a bloody mess, someone empted a big can of cooking oil outside  garage M. They obviously like living in a slum!


Sorry, another thing, any news on the garage gates?


April 13th 2007


All info has been sent to Pat Hollingsworth a2 Housing Director




Someone has dumped an oil in a container outside M garage, it has been kicked over by 4 kids and is now a mess of oil and rubbish....Can you get someone to clear this up, it's dreadful?
April 14th 2007

Just seen *____* in star path dumping rubbish down the canal, what can we do about this?
April 2007
Thank you for your email, It has been referred to envirocrime  for
action, Job No. 606967 refers.


On March 1st 2007 my Car was broken into in Leander Road, the lock was drilled and my car radio taken.

Fed up with the continual leak in V garage, why do a2 do nothing when we have complained for months? The water is running through the electric lights now. I've complained to the committee 3 or 4 times and still nothing has been done.
Juliet Ahmed
21, Leander Road

Monday 16.10.06
8.30 to 9am 3 men break for 10 mins
Loaded big cutter out of truck
strimmed edges in park area
Blew into grass
Mower cut, then blew again
Then blew from all grass areas across park into bushes.
Trimmed grass too high so they can come back again and again and again.
Then cut the grass again
Now blower again over park into bushes
loaded big cutter back into truck
He takes mower over to the next grass area then has to walk back to truck to empty it!
Common sense says move van to where you are
9.10 - 10.15 am work then 1/2 hour tea break.
2 men went back to work, I man had 50 min break.
Loaded cutter out of truck.
Blowing grass again in the park area to bushes.
11.15 am 10 min fag break.
The contract is too big ISS knew this!
Theft of working class people's money!
Dishonesty at it's worst!!
Debbie can you e-mail all the committee members. Thank you.

I think the estate needs cleaning.. ISS don't do their job properly

Bin store with locks. I can't find my key. Where do I put the rubbish now?
What happens when the rest of the estate can't find their keys?
Who has spares? If I leave the tenancy will I be charged because I lost it? I'm not sure if rubbish is inside.
B Abraham

a2 replied:-
Keys to the bin stores are the responsibility of individual residents.  Unfortunately A2 Housing Group does not keep spares.  Anyone who loses their key will need to arrange to have the lock changed so that they can gain access.  New residents will obviously need access to the bin stores and it is therefore requested that these keys are returned to A2 Housing Group at the end of the tenancy.  Leaseholders who are selling must arrange to provide relevant keys to the purchaser.
Any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ian Puttock - Leasehold Advisor or Helen Masters - Estate Manager (for tenants).

To see another effect of rubbish dumping follow this link.
from Northlands residents association

Bulk rubbish dumping is a major problem and could lead to
other problems such as rats and fires, Keep your selves safe and report any
activity of this nature you see to minimise the risks.
No Name given

I keep contacting a2 about the water which is pouring into my garage but they don't seem to care, nothing is done.
No name given

Please leave your name or we don't know who to contact, you need to tell us what garage or block, if you don't want your name put on the web site, I will not put it on, just tell me not to.
We need this page so neighbours see we are all concerned and have done something about it ..... All comments go to a2 if we have the information they need.
PLEASE use this page and tell us what needs to be done.
Thanks Deb Alldis
23, Leander

ANRA      a2 Northolt Residents Association