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Northolt Residents Association

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This is a page for events and information
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The FA is involved in new plans in Rectory Fields. Building work is starting soon.

New estate in Hotspur Road, not going ahead as planned due to high fees.

Dave Lanning our caretaker very sadly passed away on 21st March 2017. Our thoughts and prayers are will his wife Nuala and family.

James has left Northala get hooked on fishing Charlie Moore has taken over for information :

Get hooked on fishing
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NEW ESTATE IN KENSINGTON ROAD...and extention of the Northolt and Greenford countryside park

Updated November 2011
RATS NESTS..........They are everywhere on the estate.
PLEASE stop throwing food out, it is a health hazzard. White bread also kills the ducks and birds, so we are not doing nature any favours.



19th JULY 2009

It started to rain so we moved the food into Garage T.

It was a bring and share lunch and around 50 people came at one time or another, we had live music and danced to Paul Weston, who is a friend and a professional singer, our thanks to Paul for setting up his equipment and giving us such a great afternoon.


Gifford Primary School made posters for the Big Lunch and worked together to produce a Big Lunch Song, only a few children from Gifford came, but they sang the song to us. A great end to a really good afternoon of meeting our neighbours.


The Big Luch July 19th 2009
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UPDATED 20.3.09
Muriel Tucker from Leander Road was discharged from Alderbourne Unit, Hillingdon Hospital.
She remains dependant in weakened state, is poorly, confused and frustrated.
She is now in care at Wingham Court nursing home located in: Oaken Lane, Claygate, KT10 0RQ.

The committee and residents all wish her well and shall be thinking of her and Bill at this time.

Northolt and Greenford countryside Park...The largest park to be built in London in the last 100 years, visit the web site:-

Pictures taken of the new countryside park

Pinnicle has taken over the gardening contract from ISS.
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