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‘Our Canal’ project

In 2000 we cleared the area at the top of Leander Road next to the canal. 

We have now enhance the area between Leander Road and Condor Path, which was a massive eyesore, full of rubbish, stinging nettles and the dreaded dog poo.

We have had funds from a2 Dominion and Ealing Councils Bubble Springtime Community Fund to make ‘OUR CANAL’ really beautiful, so that we as residents can be proud and use this as a wonderful facility.

Susan Wyatt from the Community Champions, has worked with us and been a wonderful help, without her knowledge this area would still be a rubbish tip.

Amey, have been with us every step of the way, clearing the area, and working with the community to get this project underway.

Our first phase was on Saturday 28th March from 10am-12am...as 70 people came along we were finished by 11.30.

Tesco from Lady Margaret Road provided some crisps and water.

We are meeting on Saturday 25th April from 10.30 - 11.30 to plant some more trees, water the area, litter pick etc, and will meet on the last Saturday of each month for a hour, to maintain the area.

It is hoped that by the end of the project the land will have grass, pretty wild flowers, new trees and summer flowering bulbs, so that we can all share a better outlook and learn to love where we live.

Please email me or text me, I can then update you and keep you informed.


Warmest Regards

Deb Alldis




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