Committee and Constitution

Northolt Residents Association

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Our Committee Members are :-
Denise Curtis          Chair & Secretary
Maureen Pichon    Vice Chair
Dot Henderson      Treasurer
Michael Zenkin     
Ann Bell
Craig Lynch
Gary Betts
Alex Hucheson (Our Police Contact)
The committee are a group residents who all live on this estate.
If you would like to join the committee please join us at the AGM when we elect the committee for the year.
To view the constitution please click the link below >>>>

a2 constitution


We are a group of residents who care for our estate, working together means we can get more done as a group.

We will contact a2 for you if things are going wrong, but will not intervene until you have contacted the correct member of staff and have the issue in writing. Please feel free to cc us in your correspondence.

ANRA      a2 Northolt Residents Association